Do you have Naturally Curly Hair and find it’s shrinking?

The truth is, hair shrinkage is part of the package you sign up for when you decide to embrace your naturally curly hair. But it’s also part of the versatility and beauty of natural hair—a teeny weeny afro one day and huge fro the next. Afro textured hair can shrink up to 80% of its actual length and that may be hard to deal with for hair gods and goddesses who want to wear their hair in styles that require more length.

Girl with Natural hair
But JuliAna, an ethnic hair specialist who uses only Morrocco Method products, has the #1 answer for anyone trying to combat shrinkage. She says:

I moisturize my luscious curls with my Diamond Crystal Mist or Volumizer Mist, whichever one I feel like using that week, then I apply my Blood of the Dragon Gel (and here’s the trick!) mixed with Euro Oil! Last, I braid my hair in 4 plaits, or more depending on the style I rockin that week, let my hair dry naturally and presto! No more shrinkage and a style that will last until I moisturize my hair again.

This insider secret and tip will halt the shrinkage and keep your hair moisturized and soft. Natural is the way to go, and with this tip, shrinkage is a worry of the past!