Love ‘dem dreads!

The great thing about wearing dreadlocks, dreads or locs, which are all the same thing, is that the hair is allowed to grow in its natural state without combing. If you already have dreadlocks, hopefully you are wearing them with your natural hair rather than with artificial, non-permanent hair.

If you started your dreads correctly, you will not have a problem with thinning or breakage. We highly suggest NO use of chemicals or synthetic-based products of ANY kind. These types of products collect excess dirt, build up, sit at the base of your dreads and in due course cause damage to ones scalp and hair.

Although dreadlocks do restrict your scalp’s access to air and blood flow, proper care greatly reduces any damage that may be caused by the style. Proper care is very important, and it is relatively simple. If you already have a routine for caring for your dreadlocks, that’s great! Keep reading to find out which Morrocco Method products you can incorporate into your routine.

Whether you are a seasoned wearer of dreads or a newbie, here’s how to help your dreads achieve optimal health:

  1. Hand holding dreadlock
    The hair should be washed once a week or more frequently, as needed. When washing your dreads, try using Morrocco Method’s rotation of five shampoos, formulated according to the five elements. These will help balance your scalp and hair chemistry to eliminate excessive oiliness or extremely dry hair. They will also help address the decreased blood flow to the scalp that, unfortunately, is a part of rocking your dreads. *See below for an explanation of the role that each shampoo plays! (If you co-wash, simply use our Pearl Essence Creme Rinse.)
  2. Weekly oil treatments are great for your dreadlocks. You can substitute jojoba, almond, avocado and other treatments with Morrocco Method’s Euro Natural Oil for maximum benefit. This treatment will nourish your dreads and keep them looking healthy and soft.
  3. Don’t forget to incorporate daily scalp massage into your routine! Scalp massage is also an important part of stimulating both blood flow to the scalp and hair growth.
  4. Wearing a silk scarf or night cap over your hair at night will protect your dreadlocks while you sleep. This practice will help your hair to retain moisture, as well as to protect your dreads from pillow friction.
  5. The ends of dreads should be trimmed at least every 2 months. We suggest not allowing the dreads to grow too long, as dreads “hang” better and will not break or cause damage to the top of your hair.

Woman with dreadlocks
*Although all of our shampoos cleanse, detoxify, nourish and stimulate blood flow to hair and scalp, each one delivers a particular treatment:

  • As a result of overtime the scalp and hair becomes unaffected when using only one shampoo, which in turn throws off the pH balance so make sure you’re rotating them weekly. Also, regular cleanings helps your hair and scalp maintain peak conditions.Air Essence nourishes and heals
  • Earth Essence detoxifies
  • Fire Essence stimulates blood flow
  • Sea/ Water Essence cleanses
  • Heavenly Essence energizes and conditions