Woman With curly hair leaning on wall
It’s fun to be the wild girl…and the fun girl. It’s unpleasant to be the wild-haired girl with the unruly locks! Our hair is definitely an indicator of our personality, so how we wear our hair and what it looks like, speaks volumes to others around us. So if our hair is guiding the conversation…what exactly are we saying?

If you are one of many people who, like me, struggle with frizzy hair that has the potential to be curly but behaves unruly…you may be searching for some tips, tricks and advice! There are many discussions out there… people are looking for better products that really deliver results.

Here are some common mistakes made to tame frizz. When these backfire, the result is..Uh oh…WORSE FRIZZ!

1. Gooping up your hair with mousse, gel or hairspray to control its shape.

The reason this fails us is that it does not make sense to believe and use all this natural hair care and then panic and goop it up or slick it back when styling. Try Diamond Crystal Mist or Sapphire Volumizer Mist. It is remarkably multi-beneficial! You can restore your curls and tame them rather than deal with the frizz and fly aways!
Morroco Method Floating Lotus Conditioner

2. Not washing your hair because you are worried it Might Dry Out

Let’s face it, this just doesn’t help! Yes, going a day or two between washes is fine, but a week? Your hair will just become oily from your own secretions and styling will be more difficult than ever!

3. Improper Conditioning: Stopping conditioning…or over-conditioning.

We need a balanced conditioning regimen, no matter what type of hair we are working with. Many of MM’s Styling products already have conditioning effects. The Pearl Essence Creme Rinse or Floating Lotus Conditioner is a great product for those who need a little extra moisture.

4. Not brushing your hair.

Hair needs the brushing. Our scalps need the stimulation too. This is a very important part of the process. Encourage healthy hair growth and increase blood flow to your scalp by brushing daily.