Pumpkin in the pumpkin patch
You know what’s scarier than your Halloween costume? Damaged hair from Halloween abuse! Halloween is a night to go wild with costumes, hair and makeup, but here’s some dos and don’ts to keep your hair feeling soft and looking great post Halloween hair.

Avoid Temporary Hair Dye

At Morrocco Method, we’re always reminding you the dangers of permanent hair color, but even temporary hair color you find at the grocery store (or a salon!) has chemicals like ceteareth-20, dmdm hydantoin, methylparaben, and propylparaben. Temporary spray-in hair color also provides the chance of inhalation, forcing these toxic chemicals into your lungs–not how you want to start your Halloween Eve.
Rainbow colored hair

Try Non-Toxic, Organic Chalk

One of the safest ways to color your hair is using chalk! Using non-toxic, organic chalk that can be easily washed out is a natural and creative alternative to chemical hair color. Simply spray the strands you’d like to color with Diamond Crystal Mist to wet the hair (and keep it conditioned!) and apply the chalk directly to the strand–let sit for a couple mins and then brush any excess chalk from your hair. When you’re ready to remove, just brush with your Boar Bristle Brush to remove as much chalk as possible and then take your brush with you into the shower and rinse your hair, scalp, and hairbrush.

Get Your Style On!

Morrocco Method offer’s a variety of amazing styling tools to help you achieve your look. From our aloe-based Blood of the Dragon Gel which offers a light to medium hold, to our Styling Dragon Pomade which offers a medium to strong hold, MM offers the finest in safe, natural, and chemical-free styling products. Have a happy Halloween this week and stay safe!