Why Should You Use a Boar Bristle Brush?

Your hairbrush might seem like an insignificant aspect of your natural hair care routine, but in truth is extremely important!  Choosing the right, high-quality brush can make a noticeable difference in both the health of your hair and how well your products perform.

Our boar bristle brushes are a unique hair tool for a few reasons, the first of which is that the bristles form tight junctions which allow the brush to disperse your natural oils and remove debris in your hair.  When you use our brushes you’re not just detangling your hair, but essentially using another method of dry shampooing as well!  For even better results, repeat the brushing process 2 times, washing your brush in between each brushing.

We know that not everyone has the same brushing needs which is why we carry both a Pure Boar Bristle Brush and a Mixed Nylon/Boar Bristle Brush! The Pure Boar Bristle Brush is excellent for short, straight, or fine hair while the Mixed Pure Boar Bristle & Nylon Brush has extra detangling strength for thick, long, or curly hair.  Both types of brushes come in a large (great for home use or for those with a large volume of hair) and travel (fits better in purses and toiletry kits) size.


How to Use the Boar Bristle Brush:

Before you use any brush, you should first make sure it's clean of any dust, hair, or product buildup (you can see our video on how to properly clean and care for your brush here or see below for instructions).

We do have a video on how to properly brush your hair here!  Or you can read below for more detail.

To start brushing your hair, bend over at the waist so that your head is slightly inverted. Brushing in this position will give you better access to the nape of your neck, as well as promote blood flow to the scalp.

The nape of your neck where your hairline meets your skin will be starting point for brushing (unless your hair needs to be detangled first, see below for detangling instructions); it’s where most of your sebaceous oil glands are located and you want to distribute that healthy oil over the rest of your hair with each brushing. Ideally, you are looking to brush all the way from the root to the end of your hair. Repeat these strokes until you’ve thoroughly brushed through all of your hair, then stand and flip your hair over.  Now use the same root to end brushing technique from your front hairline all the way through the ends.

After completing this dry shampoo method of brushing, inspect your brush to determine if it has become dirty and cleanse if necessary before continuing. If you have hair that is longer than shoulder length, start detangling at the ends. Work your way up towards the roots as the tangles release. If your hair is shorter than shoulder length, you may not need to start by detangling the ends. This all depends on how prone your hair is to tangling.


How to Clean the Boar Bristle Brush:

Especially when used on a daily basis, your boar bristle brush may accrue debris, build up, and residue within the bristles. This is a completely normal part of the detoxification process; remember, sometimes we experience stronger bouts of detox than others but it is always on-going! This is why making brushing a part of your daily routine is key for a healthy scalp and hair.

Our shampoo bars are crafted to gently cleanse your hair and scalp with a perfectly balanced pH, which makes them perfect for cleaning your boar bristle brushes as well! To start, rub the shampoo bar in between both hands so that it forms a sudsy lather. Next, wet your brush and then massage your hands through the bristles thoroughly. Rinse out completely with warm water, and then use a fine-tooth comb to make short, frequent strokes through the bristles to gather any additional hairs and debris that the washing did not get rid of. You can also administer this step before washing, if you prefer.

You can also see our video about how to properly clean your brush here!

Optional Pro Tip:

To increase the performance of our products in the shower, try experimenting with brushing out the shampoos and conditioners alongside your rinsing step. Our boar bristle brushes are gentle enough to use on wet hair, and you’ll notice that they glide through with relative ease when paired with our pure & clean product formulations.

This step can be a complete game-changer for those that are stuck in the detox phase when transitioning to our 100% natural hair care products. The tight junctions in the bristles help to better cleanse each follicle and help the formulas to make close contact with your hair, which gives you better results!

Remember, we do also recommend shampooing twice for optimal product performance: it's better to use a medium amount twice instead of a larger amount once.

Hopefully, this information has been helpful and empowers you to use and take good care of your brush at home! 

Filmed by Jesica Williams
Blog: https://www.feelmoregooder.com