When it comes to the questions of blow drying one’s hair Anthony gives the best advice:

If we compare our hair to the leaves on a tree, the sprigs on a bush or the petals on a flower, we can easily understand the sometimes fragile yet also resilient thing that our hair is. Petals, sprigs and leaves are strong enough to withstand weather such as pounding rain and windstorms…but apply concentrated blasts of hot air to any one of them and they will wither and NOT return to their original state. Dear friends, consider your hair to be the living thing it is…much like the flower petal and leaves you see in nature, and treat it as you would them!

Safe Ways to Dry:

Of course, there are ways to use your hairdryer that will benefit you rather than harm your hair. Use your blow dryer on the cool setting only. In addition, before beginning the drying process, please towel dry your hair twice. In order to get the full benefit of towel-absorption, you must use two different (dry) towels. This will shorten the time your hair will be exposed under the dryer.