Before April of this year, I had no idea what detox was or what it meant, I surely hadn’t heard of hair detox reviews. Before my transition to a raw lifestyle in April, I was stuck in bad habits; eating fast food, drinking way too much, and not treating my body or soul with the love and respect it deserves. I felt slow and unenergetic—as a yoga instructor for the past 7 years, this lack of energy just wouldn’t cut it.

Glass of watermelon juice
After a little online research I began my first 60 day raw juice detox. Transitioning was hard—I had to change the way I thought about my food and myself.

But soon everything felt real—my senses were alive and my heart began to open. Then, I was introduced to Morrocco Method hair products and my knowledge for detox expanded. Who knew you could detox your hair and scalp for better clarity as you can with your body? This is where I begin my hair detox reviews.

I started using the Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo and boy was I in for a surprise—no foam, no lather? What? I’m not going to lie—my hair didn’t feel great after just one wash, but I soon became aware of hair detox.

Morrocco method apple cider vinegar shampoo
Much like the body when detoxing, our hair and scalp are congested with toxins and metals and need proper time to release these toxins before your hair can begin to absorb any nutrients (like those in the Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo). The channels that the body uses to receive nutrients have become clogged over time with neglect and abuse and need to detox before they can begin to regenerate and grow. The principles of detox through a newly raw diet are the same principles of my hair detox reviews. My hair was so congested from years of harmful chemical shampoos and conditioners that it literally could not absorb the nutrients and health from the Morrocco Method Int’l Shampoo. Who knew?

So I’m sticking with it—using the purest raw shampoo available, and just as I stuck with my juicing detox, I will continue my raw lifestyle through my hair care product. I’m excited to see the radiant health in my hair as I exit the phase of hair detox reviews.