Is it possible you are going through DETOX – again!? You eat right, exercise and use only natural products on your hair. You have eschewed all chemicals recently, or maybe you have not used them for many years! Perhaps you even make your own shampoo in your kitchen. What’s going on?

There are other factors at work here besides chemical hair treatments that can trigger an onset of detox symptoms. Some are avoidable – and some sadly and very unfortunately, are not.

1. Nature: Sun, Wind, and Cold Weather.

Prolonged exposure to the sun can damage the hair’s cuticle causing fragile, thin, and brittle hair. The result can be dry scalp and hair loss. Windy conditions can cause static, tangles, and hair breakage. Cold weather can dry out your hair, leaving it limp and dull.
Shower head running water

2. Hard Water

If your house water is chlorinated, mineralized, or fluoridated, it can have a negative effect on your hair – depositing toxins! We highly recommend that you use a good shower filter.

3. Sauna Heat

The sauna’s intense heat may dry out the hair shafts, which makes them brittle and prone to breaking.

4. Chlorinated Pools

The water sucks the sebum out of your hair, causing dryness, loss of natural sheen and split ends. Here is a helpful article on the subject.

5. Stress!

Man grabbing his hair stressed out
Can affect our health and well being and can cause our hair to lose its luster and to literally fall out!

6. Pollution

This is the most insidious cause of hair and skin damage of all. We certainly do not invite this into our lives and we often can’t even see it. Smoke, dust, toxic fumes, tainted water and pesticides are everywhere. They can be found in our parks, public lands, and agricultural fields. And what is in the air – is in our hair. So, even though you are not consciously putting chemicals on your hair and scalp, harmful elements are being deposited on our hair. AND IT CAN CAUSE DETOX!

Go back to the basics! Rotate all 5 Elements Shampoos to balance pH again. Morrocco Method’s Zen Detox can assist in eliminating the chemicals, heavy metals, and often carcinogenic exposures of daily living. Our Euro oil can instantly hydrate and repair dry hair. Our Sapphire Mist can tame frizz and create lost volume. Our restoring Elixirs work to normalize sebaceous glands while promoting scalp and hair reconstruction, revitalization and rejuvenation. Love your hair again!