Here at Morrocco Method, we are always getting questions about the Detox process.

Questions like:

– “How long does it last?”

– “What is it going to feel like?”

– ” What can I do to speed it up?”

– ” How will I know when i’m done?”

I recently went through my detox process shortly after starting work at Morrocco Method. I want to share with you exactly what I did, and what I went through. I kept track of days, and what shampoos I used on each day so that you could see just what the process is like.

My Detox Schedule:

Day #1 Friday (Earth Essence): No change. No detox?

Day #2 Saturday (ACV): Definitely a detox. Oily everywhere. Hard to brush through.

Day #3 Sunday (Pine Shale): No Change

Day #4 Tuesday (Earth Essence) : A little better. Top is still very oily but the bottom of my hair is normal.

Day #5 Wednesday (Heavenly Essence): Same as Day #4

Day #6 Thursday (Sea Essence) : Top and ends of hair are a little less oily. Underneath by nape of neck is still a bit oily.

Day #7 Friday (Pine Shale): Still a TINY bit oily, but able to wear it down half the day! Yay!

Day #8 Saturday (ACV) : Still the same as Friday!

Day #9 Sunday (Heavenly Essence): Hair was ok for the morning, then got a little oily towards the end of the day.

Day #10 Tuesday (Sea Essence): Hair was normal at the bottom and underneath but oily on the top.

Day #11 Wednesday (Earth Essence): Hair is back to mostly oily.

Day #12 Thursday (Pine Shale): Still a bit oily but feels very soft and is a LITTLE more volumized.

Day #13 Friday (ACV): Only a tiny bit oily today! I think I can keep my hair down most of the day. Very soft and shiny! I also added Medium Brown Henna at 6pm.

Day #14 Saturday (ACV at 6pm): I loooove it. The Henna helped pull the excess oil out and I went an entire day with my hair down and it looked great!

Day #15 Sunday (Pine Shale): Still looking great! Was able to keep it down again all day.

Day #16 Monday (Sea Essence): Super soft, a bit less volumized but still very soft! I also cut my hair with for Thickening with the Lunar Chart around 7pm.

Day #17 Wednesday (Pine Shale): Only feeling a TINY TINY bit oily. Hair is very soft and not weighed down. Wearing my hair down again.

Day #18 Thursday (ACV): No detox symptoms, wore my hair down all day.

Day #19 Friday (Sea Essence): No detox symptoms, wore my hair down all day.

Every day I rotated between the Floating Lotus Conditioner and Sapphire Volumizer Mist. On occasion I did not use any conditioners and a few times I sprayed the Diamond Crystal Mist on at night and left it in overnight and showered in the morning.

As you can see, I washed my hair every day except on Mondays (due to travel and work schedule). That is not necessary, but it is ok! You may need to wash it every day in the beginning but once your detox is finished you may be able to wait 2 days, or even only wash once a week! A good rule of thumb in knowing how often to wash is to ONLY wash your hair when it feels dirty.

Below are some pictures of this process… Beware, they’re not pretty! :P
Woman showing the top of her head

Day #2: I couldn’t even wear my hair down. It was so slick, oily and flat. You can also see that it’s pretty thin on the top.

Woman wearing hair down

Day #9: The first day I was able to wear my hair down for half the day. It’s less oily, but still pretty flat. Towards the afternoon it was very oily again and I ended up putting it back up.

Woman wearing hair down with purple shirt

Day #19: In case the pictures don’t do it justice, my hair is finally full and soft! I still have to wash it daily for now but i’m able to make it through a whole day without it getting oily and flat! I love it!

Dying hair with henna hair dye
This post is definitely not about Henna, but these are some photos of my Henna session! For those of you who are nervous about trying Henna, I highly suggest it. Yes, it’s messy but it’s easy and so much healthier for your hair than chemical dyes! So grab a friend, and all your supplies and have a fun Henna party!

Well, there you have it! My detox process. I hope that answers some of your questions as well as give you hope that it does end and it’s TOTALLY worth it! If I can do it, so can you!