Morrocco Method Pine Shall Shampoo
Today I will talk about detoxing. As all of our clients know, one must detox when switching from hair and scalp products containing heavy metals and harmful chemicals to the natural products of Morrocco Method.

Why does one go through a detoxing process?

Detoxing is a necessary process that cleans the hair follicles and regulates the hair growth patterns back into balance. It also removes the chemical residue and toxins from your hair roots, hair follicles, etc. Most all people notice that their hair will initially be more greasy. This is completely normal, but not to worry: it’s just a phase! These processes are the bodies natural reaction to the toxins it is trying to get rid of and all of this will clear up once the detoxing stage is complete.
We recommend using the Zen Detox Hair and Scalp Masque to reduce the detox side effects and speed up the detoxifying process.

How long will the detoxing period last?

There is no predetermined time for how long the detoxing process will last. The time you will detox is heavily dependent on how much damage and chemical processing your hair has been exposed to. I’ve seen people complete detoxing in a couple weeks, where as others have taken several months. A good rule of thumb is to expect the detoxing process to take 6 months.

The Results - Natural Healthy Hair

After this process is over, you will be rewarded with strong, healthy hair. For those of you who have seen hair thinning on your scalp, you will be rewarded with an even fuller head of hair. This is the best sign that your new scalp is very happy and appreciates the detoxing.

Thank you for reading today’s post. This should have been a good review for people in all phases on their journey to going natural. Until next time, be healthy and remember: Our health is our wealth.

Anthony Morrocco