The First Step…

The detox phase is always the first step on the journey to healthy hair. For some, it can be a daunting challenge (check out our 5 Detox Tips for more ways to ease the process). Today, instead of focusing on what to do, we want to talk about what your SHOULDN’T be doing while detoxing.

1. Not Brushing with a Boar Bristle Brush

The two most common symptoms of detox can be alleviated with proper brushing patterns: dry ends and oily roots. Brushing will disperse your scalp’s natural oils, reducing oil buildup while simultaneously adding shine and strengthening your hair. Ideally, you’ll want to brush multiple times each day, using a boar bristle brush. For more brushing tips, check out our Ultimate Hair Brushing How-to.


2. Over Shampooing

Oily, sticky, grainy–your hair becomes a mess during the detox phase. And to compensate, many people begin shampooing more often, once a day or sometimes more. This may, however, be counterproductive. Natural shampoos are very conditioning, which can cause excess oiliness for some people who are over-shampooing. Other shampoos can be drying, which will have the opposite effect. Try cutting back on how often you shampoo and find a routine that works with your hair.


3. Worrying About It

Detoxing can be a stressful process, but you can’t let that stress get to you. Your body reacts very negatively to prolonged periods of stress, one of the symptoms being hair loss and degradation. Put aside some time each day, or at the very least each week, to mediate or really clear your head from stress.


4. Quitting!

Detox is no fun, and it’s really easy to just give up, especially considering that the detox phase is so varied; some people take only a few weeks to detox, while others can take multiple months. The key is to not give up. Beautiful hair awaits you on the other side of this long journey. For a little inspiration, like our Facebook page to receive weekly detox stories, motivational mantras, and other helpful hair tips.