As we mentioned in our blog about preventable causes of hair loss, quick-fix solutions to hair loss like drug or surgical intervention can be costly. And unfortunately, the cost is not only monetary.

In our frustration to find solutions to and hair thinning, it can be tempting to turn to products that guarantee instant, hassle-free results. However, the American Hair Loss Association warns that a large percentage of hair loss treatments marketed to consumers are completely ineffective and make unethical promises to consumers. In choosing so-called alopecia quick fixes like drug therapy or surgery, we put ourselves in danger of doing more harm than good.
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Hair Transplants

Keep in mind that hair transplant treatments involve invasive surgery. Therefore, they come with the risks associated with surgery and healing from surgery. Often, if they are not rejected by the body, hair transplants do not generate any substantial growth. Additionally, side effects such as chronic headaches and permanent scarring have been reported. Although advocates of hair transplants would have us believe otherwise, hair transplants are a drastic measure.

Hair Regrowth Drugs

Hair regrowth drugs do not grow healthy hair. Often the result of using these drugs is closer to fuzz, if regrowth is seen at all. This is because these drugs do not address the problem at its root: your scalp. Even FDA-approved drug treatments for hair loss are often medications that were originally intended to treat another health issue and were only approved to treat hair loss after hair growth was found to be an unexpected side effect. This is evidence of the fact that any drug we put in our body can have unintended and often harmful side effects. Hair loss a is side effect of many medications and drug treatments, and that is because hair growth and chemicals do not mix. There is no chemical substitute for routine scalp massage, natural healing scalp treatments, and a focus on overall wellness.

We are proud to offer 100% natural alternatives!

Morrocco Method Restoring elixers
Instead of opting for potentially dangerous treatments, stay calm and stay informed! If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is, and the results you get will not be worth the risks to your health.We encourage you to use our restoring elixirs instead of putting yourself at risk. If you are new to hair loss treatment, get started with our Golden & Silver Elixir set. These products were formulated specifically to promote hair and scalp renewal and restoration.

Happy healing!