We’ve been creating henna hair dyes over at Morrocco Method for decades now, and we know the ins and outs of how henna works and its many benefits. So we wanted to clear up some common misconceptions about this wonderful product!

First off, let’s break down what henna truly is. Henna, otherwise known as Lawsonia Inermis, is a flowering plant that is used as a naturally red-orange dye when it is milled into a fine powder. When used on hair, it becomes a semi-permanent dye while conditioning hair follicles and adding shine. All of Morrocco Method’s Henna Hair Dyes are 100% plant-based and chemical free. They are also free of metallic salts, ammonia and PPD!

2 glass bowls of wet and dry henna hair color

Myth #1: Henna can be Brown, Black or Red

Some people are under the impression that there are different color varieties of henna. This is not true. Henna by itself is only one color: red.

However, there are different color varieties of henna hair dyes, which are achieved by utilizing a second plant: Indigo Tinctoei, or Indigo for short. Indigo by itself is bluish-black in color.

Producing different shades of henna hair dye, then, is simply a matter of combining both Henna and Indigo in varying amounts. The end result is entirely dependent upon the ratio of Henna to Indigo. Using more Henna than Indigo produces lighter, warmer colors; using more Indigo produces deeper, cooler colors.

When using a packet of our Dark Brown Henna Hair Dye, or any other variety of brown or black shades, you are using a specific premixed combination of henna and indigo to achieve the shade specified on the package.

3 colors of powdered henna hair dye

Myth #2: Henna can Lighten Hair

Think of Henna like layers of paint. Henna Hair Dye works by thoroughly coating the hair strand, rather than bleaching it. The end color, then, is a combination of both the Henna Hair Dye color and your hair’s base color.

Henna Hair Dye can only maintain or darken hair colors, it cannot lighten them. Neutral Henna Hair Dye can be used to add shine and volume to hair without adding color. If you are looking to lighten your hair, there is a natural, healthy method that you can use.

Myth #3: Neutral Henna is the Same Thing as “True” Henna

“True” Henna and Neutral Henna are not the same thing. As we explained earlier in this blog, the henna plant, Lawsonia Inermis, by itself can only be red.

Neutral Henna is actually a common term for an entirely different plant, Cassia Obovata. Cassia Obovata possess many of the same conditioning effects as Lawsonia Inermis Henna, adding both shine and volume when applied to hair. However, Neutral Henna won’t impart any color to hair.

Our Blonde Henna is comprised of the same Cassia Obovata plant. The blonde coloration is achieved by adding marigold flowers and chamomile tea to the mixture, creating a beautiful golden tinge.

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