If you’re already a fan of Morrocco Method products, then chances are good that our Henna Hair Color is on your list of favorites. But, what actually IS Henna, where does OURS come from, and what’s the history behind it that makes it the most popular hair coloring method, even centuries after its discovery? Read on to find out about the Henna plant, MM’s own Henna farmers, and why we think there’s a million and one reasons to love the most natural way to color your hair.

What is Henna?

Here at Morrocco Method, we’ve found that Henna seems to be a misunderstood plant. Henna itself actually refers to the dye that’s made from the leaves of the Lawsonia inermis tree. This small tree, a plant that only grows up to 5 ft. tall, produces leaves that dehydrate naturally. The dry leaves of the Henna plant also thrive best in areas with little rainfall and tropical conditions. This makes India the ideal place for our Henna farmers to grow MM’s Natural Henna Hair Color. When these leaves are harvested and ground up, the result is a raw Henna Powder. Henna Powder can be combined with acidic liquids to create a semi-permanent dye.

Henna leaves

Henna Farm

Where Does MM’s Henna Come From?

On a tiny stretch of land in New Delhi lies an area where master Henna farmers have been cultivating for decades. Today, you can find the Henna farmers that grow Morrocco Method’s natural hair color working on this same area of land. Covering a space of only ten acres, this small farmstead serves as all-inclusive agricultural location. Here, Morrocco Method’s Henna Hair Color ingredients are planted, grown and harvested. Then, the leaves of the Henna, Indigo, Cassia, and Amla plants are finely ground using the same wild-crafted farming techniques created by generations of Henna farmers past. The result is exactly what you get when you buy Morrocco Method’s Natural Henna Color: a pure, 100% plant-based product, grown by the highest of industry standards. Not only is the Henna Hair Color sold at MM’s Raw Store chemical-free, it’s also coming straight from India to your door.

 Making Henna Powder

Why MM Loves Henna Hair Color

We wouldn’t want to mess with a hair coloring method that’s backed by a 9,000 year-old reputation, but we did find some natural ways to enhance it! By combining some of our raw products into the Henna coloring process, Hair Shaman, Anthony Morrocco, was able to improve the already amazing benefits of Henna Hair Color. By adding other plant-made powders like Indigo, Cassia and Amla, Morrocco Method has been able to create more custom coloring options than just the traditional shades of red.

Concepts like clarifying hair with an Apple Cider Vinegar pre-wash for longer-lasting color, or using a natural oil treatment to help fade vivid tones have not only helped our Henna users maximize their results, it’s also been achieved by using all-natural, non-GMO, raw, vegan and paleo-friendly ingredients. So while we wouldn’t dare change the ancient and proven methods of Henna Hair Color, we have been able to incorporate some natural additions to the dye process that we think even Henna users like Cleopatra and Lucille Ball would approve of.

Women Harvesting Henna

Did you know all of the pictures in this article are from the actual farm in India where MM’s Henna Hair Color is grown? Learn more about Henna Hair Color by checking out the FAQs under the Education Section of our website, or head over to the MM Raw Store to see our selection of Natural Henna Hair Color!