All Natural Henna Hair Color is one of our favorite products, but it can take a few tries to perfect the process. If you're new to using henna to dye your hair, or you're looking for advice and tips on how to henna your hair--you're in the right place!

As a natural plant-derived product, henna can vary from one supplier to another, even from one harvest to another. It isn't a one size fits all product, and that can lead to some frustration and unexpected results, especially when you're first using henna. We understand! So we've gathered some information to help you successfully use henna products* to color your hair.


Preparing Your Hair for Henna Color

Mixing and Preparing Henna (Neutral)

Mixing and Preparing Henna (Red)

How Dye Your Hair Brown and Black Using Henna + Indigo

Applying Henna to Your Hair

Tips for Covering Gray Hair

Removing Henna from Your Hair

Check Out Some Before & After Pictures of Real Customers


*These suggestions and recommendations are only applicable to Morrocco Method All Natural Henna Products -- other companies may sell different compositions of henna that include adulterants or other dyes, or have different processes for using their products.