So you’re ready to make the switch from chemical to natural and buy henna hair dye, but how do you decide what brand to choose? There is some important information about ingredients that you should know before you buy henna:

What ingredients to look for?

The best way to ensure an henna is natural is to look at the ingredients most truly natural henna contains only one thing, the henna plant (Lawsonia Inermis). However their are a few exceptions to this rule. Black henna also uses the natural plant Indigo. While Light Blonde henna uses the Marigold plant and sometimes cinnamon.

How do you get different colors?

The secret is it’s all about the concentrations. For example, for our Morrocco Method Henna we use all of the plant. This means the roots, stalks, flowers, and the stems or leaves of the henna plant. From all of these ingredients we derive varying potencies. Therefore the stronger the concentration the stronger the colors. This applies for our neutral, brown and red hennas.

How much henna hair dye would I need?

For Morrocco Method henna we usually recommend using different amount of henna depending on your hair type.
  • For fine, short hair: use 4 tablespoons
  • For fine, shoulder length hair: use 6 tablespoons
  • For thick, shoulder length hair: use 8 tablespoons
  • For very long or very thick hair: use 10 to 12 tablespoons

How do I use henna?

Henna Powder in Bowl
Henna can seem complicated at first. If you’re scared to try it the best think to do is to check out our how-to videos. Or if you really want to talk to other fellow henna users try visiting our Facebook page. People love to talk about their henna experience.

Where to buy henna hair dye?

Well not to sound bias but Morrocco Method is probably one of the best natural hennas around. If you don’t believe us ask The Daily Green, they’ve listed us as a great source for henna! Just remember to really look at the product before you decide to buy henna hair dye. Trust me though you’ll be glad you made moved away from chemicals.