Looking for a conditioning, all-natural hair color for black women? Morrocco Method Henna Hair Color is an amazing way to color the hair without risk of damage. MM Henna is deeply conditioning and nourishing and is the perfect hair coloring treatment for afro-texture hair.

Woman in feild with natural textured hair
MM Henna is the purest henna hair color available. As a leader in the henna hair color industry, we use only truly natural ingredients. While many henna hair dyes are marketed as “natural,” they contain harsh metals and toxins. MM continues to bring the purest ingredients into our products to ensure their quality and the quality of your look.

Plus, henna acts as a fantastic curl elongator and definer. It helps to strengthen the hair follicle, preventing future breakage and encouraging growth. Many Naturals use MM’s Colorless Henna as a protectant for their curls. Here are some important tips on henna for Natural hair:

1. Apply Henna Hair to Dry, Deep-Conditioned Hair

This means your hair needs completely dry, but not conditioned-free. In fact, deep conditioning before you henna will help the henna to seal in the moisture of the deep conditioner. The henna hair dye will then coat your hair follicle with color, without penetrating the shaft like a chemical dye. This means stronger hair and more defined curls.

Dark brown henna hair

2. Conditioning is Key For Hair Color for Black Women

One of the amazing qualities of henna hair dye is that it’s not just a hair color, it also has great conditioning effects. Without chemical additives or irritants, MM henna hair color provides a deep, rich color while conditioning your hair and scalp. Include a teaspoon of Euro Oil in your mixture for added conditioning power!

5. You CAN Use Henna on Locs

You can apply henna hair color the same way to dreads as you would with regular hair. Apply to the new growth roots and the locs themselves. You might need to make the mixture a bit thicker but ultimately the process is the same!