You want to get that golden brown hair color, but you don’t want to use chemicals. You’re next step? Henna. But ever try putting henna hair color on bleached hair? Recently, I had this opportunity and recorded the whole thing so those of you who are scared to try it will have an idea of what it’ll look like. This is how I got my golden brown hair color. You’re welcome. ;)

The Not-So-Tragic Tale

Woman with bleached bangs

Since the 5th grade, my bangs were blonde. It was a part of my identity-people forgetting my name or describing me to a stranger would always mention me as, “that girl with the blonde bangs.” Every 8 weeks for 13 years, I would sit at the same hairdresser’s chair and get my roots touched up. Chemicals? I didn’t care. And henna? I thought that was for only temporary tattoos! Then I started working for Morrocco Method Int’l and became instantly hyper-aware of my chemically treated hair and the damage I was doing to my body. Even worse? Three months before I began my healthy hair journey, I had gotten a Brazilian Blow Out to “tame” my curls. Woops. I went through a hard detox when I switched to MM!

Within days of working at MM, Anthony pointed out that my blonde streaks made my skin tone appear washed out–A golden brown color would suit me better. Being the master Hair Shaman who worked on such heads of hair as Jackie O and Liza Minnelli, I felt that I should heed his advice. He spoke to me about how damaging chemical dyes are, and how much damage 13 years worth of dyeing can really do. Enlightened, I timidly requested a tub of MM Medium Brown Henna to color my bleached hair.

Natural curly hair on little girl

The henna sat in my bathroom for three weeks.

I slowly worked up the courage to change such an integral part of my image. Only one of my friends was gungho for the change. The rest of them (including my significant other) were almost offended that I was changing my hair, and because of my “hippie hair care job”? Little did they realize it was for my health.

Turning to a Golden Brown Hair Color

The first time I used too light of a mixture:

• Green Tea (A generic brand that I wasn’t going to drink. Ever. Don’t waste your good tea on henna!)
• Lemon (from a tree in my yard)
• MM Euro Oil (1 tablespoon)
• MM Medium Brown Henna (10 tablespoons, because I have a lot of hair!)

I felt like a two year old playing in the mud. I put on two shower caps and a hat and proceeded to clean my house for several hours.

After first application of henna

Putting the brown henna on my bleached hair made it a pretty color. I liked it, but the contrast was still too striking for what I wanted– that golden brown hair color. A second application was needed!

The second time, I used this darker recipe (which I would recommend for brown!):

• Orange Pekoe Black Tea (I always think of this video when I drink it)
• Apple Cider Vinegar (Bragg’s brand, ’cause it has the Mother in it)
• MM Euro Oil (Just kinda…squirted some in…no measuring)
• MM Medium Brown Henna (4 tablespoons, still on the same tub of it!)

I applied it only to my caramel-y hair bits, and like adding another coat of paint, it really increased the brown:

Healthy henna hair

I was surprised to see I wouldn’t need a third application. My hair naturally highlights red, so I was excited with the henna making the gold a little more like a striking caramel. Now, I get tons of compliments on my hair and everyone thinks it’s natural! I loved the whole process and i’m proud to be keeping up my look the natural and healthy way.