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Natural hair color is a great solution to hair dye allergies. Have chemical dyes given you trouble? Well you might have a hair dye allergy. We’ve had customers email us saying they have chemically dyed their hair for years and would get results like having their head break out in a rash. Basically their body was rejecting the harmful chemicals.

Luckily there’s a way to color you hair that’s safe and natural. Henna hair dye is the best way to use natural hair color.

Here at Morrocco Method we love henna but deciding to make the switch from chemical to natural can be tough. Here are some great testimonials to help you decide!

Natural Hair Color Testimonials: How Customers Handle their Hair Dye Allergy!

“Hair coloring and bleaching is like an addiction – you suffer withdrawals…Since I got off that merry-go-round and started Morrocco’s natural hair care —especially the wonderful 100% natural Henna — I am amazed at the vitality and shine in my hair. It’s taken years off my looks…. and who can argue with that? I am better, happier and ‘hair care holistic’ now!” -Sharon, Laguna Beach, CA

Red henna powder
“For years I knew that what I was doing to my heMorrocco Method Natural Hair Color | Red Hennaad was not right. Now, using Morrocco Method, everything ‘clicks’—-wash and wear hair! And their super-conditioning Henna lets me color my hair beautifully without the use of hair-thrashing dyes. No more stressing on salon appointments for special events. I feel so free!” -JoAnn, Newport Beach, CA

“Going the natural route with Morrocco Method hair color has made all the difference with my hair! First, I used the Auburn Henna to cover my highlights because they were fake looking (and flashy streaks are really so ‘yesterday’)! Then I applied Henna Brown to get back to my natural brunette color. Wow! I am just thrilled at how healthy and shiny my hair is these days. I’m now also using your shampoos and conditioners — and wanted to thank you for no-nonsense, terrific products that are safe to use and actually do what they claim.” -Elizabeth, Honolulu, HI

“Just trying to pronounce the long list of strange ingredients on the back of my hair dye bottle was scary enough. But then I started to make a connection between all those chemicals and my hair being so thrashed and lifeless after years of bleaching and dyeing. I more or less found Morrocco Method by accident on the Internet, and decided to give their Henna a try since they claimed it was 100% natural and non-damaging. Plus, they promised that MM Henna would polish up my hair at the same time it colored it—and NEVER leave that brassy red tint ordinary henna gets a well-deserved bad rep for. Well, that’s a pretty tall order. But I decided to give it a go anyway, since my hair’s condition really couldn’t get much worse. What a surprise….I sure wish I’d found Morrocco Method Henna a long time ago. After getting on their whole hair care program for 6 months (and tossing all the other toxic products I was so ignorantly using), my hair actually glows. The color is so gorgeous now that I’ve decided I will also be getting a major wardrobe make-over — so the rest of my look can match the ‘fabulosity’ of my hair!!! What a happy accident!” -Caitlin, London, U.K.

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The results are amazing! Your hair dye allergy may have been a blessing in disguise. Morrocco Method natural hair color comes in a variety of colors like, Light Blonde, Light Brown, Medium Brown, Dark Brown, Black, and Red!