After completing her detox, Jes was excited to try Morrocco Method's all natural henna hair dye. Previously, she used boxed dye and had already been dyeing it red, so chose to go with the Natural Red Henna. Jes has never used henna to dye her hair before, and found that it was quite the adventure! It usually is the first couple of times, but it does get easier once you're used to the process.

**NOTE** The henna is way too runny here. Aim for the consistency of thick yogurt to make applying it easier and to ensure the best possible coverage. Remember that the amount of liquid can and should be adjusted to get the correct consistency. You may need more or less depending on how much henna you're making at once. Add liquid in slowly, stirring as you go so that you're able to minimize clumping and break up any lumps.

Applying henna can be messy business. Make sure to wear something you don't mind getting stained, or cover yourself with a towel while applying. Henna will stain your skin, but should fade after a couple of washes on the skin if you have any leftover staining. An easy way to protect your floor/work area is to put down newspaper in case of splatters. Wrapping your hair once the henna in is definitely easier with help, but as you can see, not required.


Jes's hair looks amazing the day after henna. Remember that the color will naturally settle over the course of 72 hours as henna oxidizes and won't be as "bright" as it is the first days--especially when using just the red.

Here's Jes's hair one week after using natural red henna:

Jes's hair looks amazing the day after henna