Jes is six months into her lunar journey. She talks about her experience and shares some encouragement and wisdom for others who are still going through hair detox.

"It took a solid 2 months. I had to get creative with hairstyles while I was still going through it. I had a lot of wearing my hair up and using headbands."

The most pronounced symptom of her detox was "feeling greasy all the time in the roots". She used the Zen Detox Hair & Scalp Masque weekly for the first 4 weeks and used dry shampoo to keep it looking clean in between washes, which early on were every other day, and now is every three days (twice a week).

Jessica also changed up her diet to incorporate more fresh, healthy foods to support her new hair routine, and says the most important thing she did was keeping a positive attitude. Being able to "love and embrace my hair [during detox]" was key to getting through the transition to all-natural haircare. 

"Before it was too thick and hard to manage. Now it's voluminous but easier to brush and does what I want," she says of her hair these days. She's also got her husband and daughter hooked as well. It's a whole Morrocco Method family!


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