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Having horses isn’t all galloping into the sunset….although it should be. You spend many hours grooming and caring for your horse. Therefore to keep them looking great, and boost performance, here are 5 benefits of using raw apple cider vinegar in your horse care program.

Fungal Issues

Fungal issues can arise with little notice. Excessive moisture during wet winters or summer sweat increase the odds of your horse picking up fungus. Never fear, raw apple cider vinegar is here. Since apple cider vinegar is acidic it helps breaks down fungus and bacteria on the skin. Use full strength 2 to 3 times daily with cotton balls.

Dander and Buildup

Dander and buildup accumulate easily under the mane, and on the tail head and legs of the horse. Using raw apple cider vinegar helps break down gunge and waxy buildup. Dilute 1 cup of raw apple cider vinegar in 1 gallon of warm water. Letting the mixture sit on your horse for 5 minutes, scrub and rinse clean.

Hoof Issues

Strong healthy hooves are essential for a strong healthy horse. Hoof issue like thrush and white line disease can damage hoof structures causing lameness. Diluting raw apple cider vinegar in a 50/50 mixture and applying to picked out hooves can help keep your horse sound. Meanwhile the enzymes in raw apple cider vinegar will stimulate circulation promoting hoof growth. A two fold benefit!

Bye Bye Flies

Oil based fly sprays can cause chemical and sunburns on your horse’s skin. Therefore to keep you and your horse safe, we suggest using a homemade raw apple cider vinegar fly spray. Mix 2 cups of raw apple cider vinegar with 2 cups of water and add 2-3 drop of either lavender or eucalyptus essential oils.


Feeding raw apple cider vinegar has been shown to reduce the risk calcification and intestinal stones in horses. Furthermore, horses that already have signs of calcification or intestinal stones may benefit from raw apple cider vinegar in their diet. Therefore we suggest gradually increasing the amount of raw apple cider vinegar fed to your horse daily up to 1/4 cup per 1,000 lb horse. To help purify your horse’s water add up to 4 cups per 50 gallon trough. Keep in mind some horses may be picky about the taste of raw apple cider vinegar, so introduce gradually.

Using raw apple cider vinegar in your horse’s care program may be helpful in keeping them happy and healthy for years to come. That is why we use 100% natural raw apple cider vinegar as a main ingredient in our Morrocco Method 5 Elements No-Foam Horse Shampoo.

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We suggest consulting your veterinarian prior to starting any new feed program or treatment of horse or pets.