Natural Grooming 101

Grooming is an important part of routine pet care and maintenance. There are three primary reasons why grooming is essential. First it allows you to look over your pet for injuries, cuts or abrasions that could go easily undetected and hidden under fur. Second it stimulates blood flow to the skin and spreads sebaceous oils through the coat for a healthy sheen. Lastly it promotes affection and bonding between pet and owner.

To get the best results from Morrocco Method International pet products we asked our professional groomer on staff for a few tips to help get you started with natural pet grooming.

Location, Location, Location

Make sure your pet is in a comfortable and safe location for grooming or bathing to ensure a positive experience. Bathtubs can become slippery when wet making them hazardous for dogs who may slip and fall. Therefore take extra precaution when bathing in a bathtub or shower by investing in a non-slip shower mat.

Take Your Time

Remember that faster is not always better. Acclimate your pet to the sensation of water or brushing. Note how comfortable they are with water temperature or brush pressure. Taking time to brush in a manner that feels good will help your pet enjoy being grooming.

Brush Before and After Bathing

Prior to bathing brush out coat to remove debris, loosening dirt and dead skin cells. We recommend our 100% Pure Rubber Curry to loosen debris.

When brushing long fur, manes or tails start at the ends of the hair. Work in small sections toward the skin to avoid pulling or tangling. Therefore you may want to try using our natural, Pure Boar Bristle Brush as they regulate pressure, stimulate blood circulation to the nourish hair follicles and provide a polished sheen. Since it has an ergonomic handle, you will be comfortable as well!

Shampoo to Nourish and Protect

Only use 100% natural ingredient pet shampoos on your horse, dog or cat. Nourishing your pet’s coat with the use of pure mineral and botanical shampoos can help to relieve itchy and inflamed skin, repel fleas and ticks and help your pet naturally smell great!

Typically it’s recommended to wash dogs no more than once a month.

Dogs with water resistant, smooth short coats or extremely thick coats may be able to extend time between baths even further. However, owners of breeds with an oilier coat type may prefer to wash their pet more often.

We love our MM 5 Elements Foam Free Dog Shampoo and Horse Shampoo.

Manicures and Pedicures

Nails are often overlooked, but are vital areas to address. Therefore stimulate healthy hoof growth and to balance moisture, apply Euro Oil to your horse’s coronet bands weekly. For dogs with hard to trim nails, apply Euro Oil to soften nails prior to trimming.