The topic of natural cat care is of growing interest. As cat caretakers are becoming more aware of ingredients in commercial cat foods and products, they are seeking natural alternatives to give their feline friends a better quality of life. Therefore, it becomes important to recognize the fundamental needs of the natural cat. Here are a few ways you can get your cat back to its primal roots.
Grey Kitten

Natural Sunlight

Ever wonder why your cat loves to take those long lazy naps in the sun?

Cats originated in the deserts of the Middle East, and developed a high heat tolerance as the result. To adapt, their bodies became longer with shorter fur to dissipate heat. While cats in cooler climates became stockier with longer fur.

Cats are also obligatory carnivores. By taking longer naps they reduces their energy requirements, while sunlight allows them to maintain basal body temperatures. This allows them to reserve energy for hunting activities. Even if you cat is indoors and no longer needs to hunt, it is a remnant of their primal roots.

Allowing your cat to have access to fresh air and sunlight when possible can be beneficial to their health and attitude. If your cat lives indoors, an outside run or access to a sunspot can be sufficient.

The Importance of a Natural Diet

As we mentioned earlier, cats are obligatory carnivores. Their diet requirements are highly specialized. Additionally, due to originating in desert climates cats tend to get most of their water through what they eat. So how does what we feed our cats affect their health?

Feeding dry, grain oriented diets have shown to result in feline diabetes, obesity, inflammation and kidney disease, among other ailments. Dr. Lisa Pierson DVM is a well-known advocate of raw feeding for cats, and against giving cats dry foods for those reasons.

Thus, many owners are moving toward grain free and raw diets for their cat. Ensuring your cat has a high-quality grain-free diet and access to clean water will keep them healthy and their coat vibrant.

Evaluating Environmental Factors

Orange tabby cat licking paw
Cats are extremely sensitive to environmental toxins. A cat’s skin is 1/3 the thickness of a human’s. Cats also self-groom which means anything you put on them they will ingest.

Household cleansers and grooming products often flood the household with toxins. Even cat litter can contain synthetic chemicals and fragrances. Once introduced these toxins are easily absorbed through touch, inhalation or ingestion.

That is why we suggest airing your home as much as possible and use safe, natural cleaning and household products.

When grooming, use products that are 100% natural and cat friendly. We love our Morrocco Method Int’l 5 Volcanic Dry Powder Cat Shampoo. Thus, keeping your cat safe and healthy.

Cats are unique creatures with highly specialized needs. By following a dynamic holistic care plan, your cat will enjoy a lifetime of natural health and well-being.

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We suggest consulting your veterinarian prior to starting any new feed program or treatment of your pets.