One of the most important aspects of your baby’s first hair cut is making sure that the timing is right. Pay close attention and only cut your baby’s hair when both you and your baby are in a relaxed and positive mood. Take care to pick a time where your baby has been fed, taken a nap, or is asleep (if possible). Even though babies can’t speak yet, make sure to pay attention to their body language and postpone the haircut if they are not ready. You want to be careful to not cause any hair-related trauma, which can last into adulthood.

Cutting dry hair can be more irritating for babies than cutting wet hair. That being said, a lot of babies do not like to have their hair washed. The best way to accomplish wetting their hair without going through the trouble of giving them a bath is to mist their hair with Morrocco Method’s Diamond Crystal Mist. If your baby doesn’t like having their hair sprayed, you can apply water to their hair using your hands. Talking or singing to them while doing so may help distract them from any discomfort.

When you are ready to actually cut your baby’s hair make sure and approach it with a calm demeanor. Children are very intuitive and if they sense that you are nervous, it could make them nervous as well. You may also want to avoid referring to it as a hair ‘cut’ as children are taught to be careful not to cut themselves. Referring to it as a ‘trim’ may help prevent them from becoming scared. Practicing trimming their hair beforehand can also get them used to the sensation of someone combing and handling their hair.

Toddler getting hair cut
Cutting your baby’s hair at home may cut down on some of the potential stress that a salon may provide. Purchasing Morrocco Method’s Blunt Snip Haircutting Kit provides you with everything you need to cut your baby’s hair. The kit also comes with a video series featuring holistic haircutting expert, Linda Hollatz. The video that will be most helpful for cutting your baby’s hair is the video on cutting short hair. Since babies can be squirmy, the haircut may be interrupted at any moment, so we recommend that you work symmetrically, starting in the back, then doing a portion on the left and then the same portion on the right.

After you finish cutting the hair you want to not take too long to remove loose hair. Loose hair trimmings can be uncomfortable and itchy on your baby’s skin. Washing your baby with Morrocco Method’s Heavenly Essence Baby Shampoo can help wash away any hair leftover from the haircut.

Finally, resist the urge to use your smartphone or tablet to entertain them. Currently, a whole generation of children is being raised associating haircuts with being able to watch videos and getting a reward after. Start your baby’s hair journey right by modeling that the experience itself is stimulating and rewarding. Spending quality time with a person who loves you and experiencing conscious caring is enough!