Lisa is working on her Lengthening hair goal this month and incorporates the lengthening package products into her lunar cut day. She's trying some other products as well, including the Ruby Pitta Elixir and 24/7 Styling Dragon pomade.

"What I really like about that pomade is that I knew what every single product in the ingredient list was." While she likes the pomade for static management, she found it was too heavy to be used daily in her fine hair. We find that the pomade is better suited for people with short hair needing a medium-strong hold vs. long hair needing a light-medium hold and recommend using either the Blood of the Dragon styling gel on its own, or mixed to create an all-natural hairspray.

She's only just started using the Ruby Pitta elixir on some thinner areas of her hair and can already tell that the baby hairs around her hair line are growing more rapidly.

Lisa has cut her hair each month using different hair goals, and this month she is focusing on lengthening. She says the most unexpected thing she's noticed during her journey is that feeling her hair on her shoulders brings her comfort. At the beginning of her journey Lisa mentioned she wanted to "make peace" with her hair and she feels like she's finally doing that.

Her favorite rituals are brushing and scalp massage.



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