Lengthening Goals with Lisa

Lisa is aligning her blunt snip trim this month with the lengthening lunar hair goal on the lunar calendar. She talks about which products she uses to support that goal, and new ones that she's tried this month. ↗️ Read More!

Lisa's Two Month Update

Lisa has been using Morrocco Method products for two months and has been focusing on strengthening and root work. ↗️ Read More!

Daily Styling with Lisa

Join Lisa in a two-part video as she shows how she styles her hair using MM's Mixed Bristle 100% Natural Boar Bristle and Nylon brush with some help from Sapphire Volumizer Mist for curl support and conditioning. ↗️ Read More!

Lisa's One Month Update

Lisa is a month in to her Lunar Hair Journey and shares how it's going so far. ↗️ Read More!

How To Mix your Zen Detox Hair and Scalp Masque with Lisa

Lisa shares how to mix the Zen Detox Hair & Scalp Masque. During the detox period, we recommend a full course of Zen Detox. A full course is using Zen Detox once a week for 3 weeks. ↗️ Read More!

Styling with Sapphire Volumizer Mist

My criteria for putting any kind of styling product in my hair is that it has to be light, and it can't be sticky, something I've really had trouble finding. These mists really, really fit the bill. ↗️ Read More!

How to Use Euro Oil and the Scalp Massager

Lisa demonstrates how she uses Euro Oil and our Scalp Massager and Invigorator as a scalp treatment. ↗️ Read More!

Lisa's Unboxing

Lisa receives her first box of Morrocco Method products and is ready to get started on her lunar journey! ↗️ Read More!