Lisa shows how she styles her hair heat-free using MM Sapphire Volumizer Mist after an overnight Euro Oil treatment. After washing and conditioning her hair, she detangles and sprays Sapphire Volumizer Mist all over. "My criteria for putting any kind of styling product in my hair is that it has to be light, and it can't be sticky, something I've really had trouble finding. These mists really, really fit the bill."

After brushing her hair using the Large Mixed Bristle brush, Lisa scrunches her hair by hand and by towel to activate her curls. "My curls come back, my curl pattern has really changed especially since I started using the detox mask....the frizz on the top layer of my hair has really improved!" Lisa prefers relaxed curls in her hair, so she leaves them to air dry. "It lasts for several days as well," she says.


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