Did you know you should use elixirs during your seasonal blunt snip haircut? It’s easy and feels amazing! MM Elixirs are specially formulated to promote healthy hair regrowth and there is no better time to use them than during your Seasonal Lunar Cut. As you shock and awaken the roots of your hair with your lunar cut, you will simultaneously promote new growth with the elixirs. Still curious? Let us explain.

How do I use the Elixirs for a Lunar haircut?

Normally, you only need a couple drops of elixir at a time to stimulate the hair follicle, but in this case, you’re going to apply it directly to your scalp very liberally using a cotton ball–this much elixir should only be used with the Lunar Cut. Using a cotton ball, apply it right before you are about to do or receive your lunar haircut.

The elixir needs to be in your hair for at least 24 hours, so do not shampoo after your haircut. Let it settle in overnight. If you have the luxury of allowing your hair to remain oily, try keeping it in for 48 hours for the ultimate growth boost!

Each elixir has a different hair goal and can be applied in a different seasons.

Golden and silver elixir series

Beginner (Golden & Silver) Elixir Series

  • Apply during Spring & Summer.
  • Golden Diamond Crystal: Beautify
  • Silver Grapeseed Chi: Lengthen
god and goddess series

Intermediate (Gods & Goddesses) Series

  • Apply during any season
  • Apollo Air: Lengthen
  • Poseidon Sea: Root work
  • God-dess Earth: Thicken
  • Pele Lava Fire: Strengthen
tri color series

Advanced (Tri-Color) Series

  • Apply Spring, Summer & Fall.
  • Amber (Vata): Lengthen
  • Emerald (Kapha): Thicken
  • Ruby (Pitta): Strengthen

How do I Blunt Snip Cut again?

We wrote an article last week about the Blunt Snip Cuting Technique knowing the Summer Solstice was coming up. We thought you’d like a refresher course, so if you missed the last post–don’t worry! You can still learn about the Blunt Snip Cutting Technique and why it’s the only way to cut your hair.