Lunar Hair Chart: It’s no joke!

So you’ve probably heard about the Lunar Hair Chart. And maybe you’re a bit doubtful. How could the moon possibly have anything to do with your hair, you wonder. Don’t under estimate the moon; it might not be made of cheese, but it does some pretty powerful stuff. Consider …

Calendar : The lunar cycle — the waning and waxing of the moon — has been the basis of time measurements for cultures around the world, dating back to some of the oldest of calendars.

Tides : The moon is responsible for the ebb and flow of the oceans. The gravitational force of the moon as it rotates around the earth creates tidal bulges.

Agriculture : For centuries, farmers have used the lunar calendar to manage their crops. Soil management, planting, cultivation, and harvest were planned according to the phases of the moon. Careless calendar coordination could result in a sparse crop!

Culture : Folklore and popular culture have given the moon a well-established role in human society. The word “lunatic” was derived from those who were said to be ‘moonstruck’, having gone crazy because of the moon. Werewolves are just one other-humanly creature influenced by the phases of the moon.

Why Lunar?

Folklore aside, the Lunar Hair Chart should be a timeline for you to manage your hair around. It’s advisable to trim your hair once a month (even an 1/8th of an inch is enough!) for ultimate hair health. By removing dry, dead, and split ends, your hair can focus on growing, instead of trying to restore those ends that are beyond help. It’s not unlike a plant in a garden: “dead heading” or removing dead blooms promote health to the rest of the plant.

How to use the Lunar Hair Chart

Woman Cutting Hair
Pick a goal you want for your hair. Want to grow your hair longer? Does thin hair have you self conscious? Choosing a hair goal and trimming your hair in accordance to these dates will slowly ease you down the path to hair you love.

Hair retardation

The Lunar Hair Chart also dictates days that are the best for retarding the growth of hair. These are days when you do not want to cut or trim the hair on your head, but rather wax, pluck, or shave the areas of your body where you don’t want hair to grow; legs, underarms, mens’ beards, and pubic areas.

Still not buying it?

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The Lunar Hair Chart could quite possibly be the missing piece of your hair puzzle. Try it! You have nothing to lose, and only beautiful hair to gain.