“I’d long ago heard from an old family friend, with beautiful mid-back length hair, that like the tides are controlled by the moon, so too are our bodies.

My true journey into natural hair care and trimming with the moon started in 2005 when I decided to embark on a journey of growing my hair to knee length. I remembered the words of my mother’s friend and looked into trimming with the moon cycles. I stumbled upon Morocco Method through this search and after reading through everything I could find on the site, I started using The Lunar Hair Care chart exclusively. My goal was to achieve as much length as I could as fast as I could so I trimmed my hair 4 times that year according to the best dates for lengthening. I got over 10 inches growth that year, compared to my usual 6, or less.

Later, I discovered that attached to the Lunar Hair Care Chart was another chart for retarding hair growth, and as a part time waxer, long time shaver, I decided to give these dates a try as well. This is where I was truly blown away. I suffer from Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome and body hair was a constant issue for me. By using the Hair Retarding chart, I was able to stretch my shaves up to 6 days longer by following the dates given. I was so amazed with this, that I started taking notes to document my progress. I also switched from shaving to waxing figuring I might get even better results. Now, where a random waxing of my legs would give me about three weeks hair free, before re-growth would start to become obvious, waxing according to the chart gave me about 5 1/2 weeks hair free time. Not only that, the amount of re-growth significantly lessened to the point that even family started to notice. I was hooked.

Soon my husband started to notice that not only was I constantly raving about the Lunar Chart, It really was having an obvious effect on my body hair. Now, he too uses the Lunar Chart in his shaving routine and we cut his hair either on these retarding dates or on optimal thickening dates to stretch the time between his hair cuts too! If there is one thing I would swear to, it is that the moon really does have a strong effect on our bodies and that Anthony Morocco has founded and perfected the Lunar Hair Care Chart .”