Blood of the dragon styling gel
“Blood of the Dragon Gel is the Holy Grail of hair products! Imagine embarking on a journey that would last years and span several countries- looking in every store and on every shelf for a completely natural hair gel. I thought it just did not exist.

Then one day to my utmost surprise, I opened up a cabinet in a friend’s bathroom and there it was. Remembering back, I could swear that bottle of Blood of the Dragon Gel was bathed in bright white glowing light! I tried the gel instantly after reading the super pure and organic ingredients and was amazed that I had finally found what I was looking for. There were absolutely no sulfates in it, no plastics, no harsh chemicals and yet the consistency was perfect and the product had holding power.

Not only did it have what I was looking for as far as purity, it also has a delicious fragrance that was light and clean. Another benefit of its simple ingredients is that it makes the product gluten-free, which is very important due to my gluten sensitivity.

I am so thankful to that friend and to the Blood of the Dragon Gel because they brought me to try out the rest of the Morrocco Method line of products, which I am now loyal. Every product is just as pristine as the other is and works synergistically with each other. I believe in the integrity of Morrocco Method because they believe in the importance of a healthy planet, a healthy body and healthy hair for everyone. This integrity shines through in their amazing products!”

-Pema, Florida