Bottle of Euro oil
I look at my bottle of Euro Oil and I think, “liquid gold.” Inside the bottle are some of the most delicious and nourishing ingredients for the hair and scalp: Bhringaraj, Neem, Sage, and Lavender—to name a few—in a base of several oils.

This incredible blend of ingredients makes this product so beneficial and versatile. It is not only very therapeutic for the hair and scalp but is also great for the face and body! This oil is fantastic to rub into the skin all over the body after a shower. It’s even a great massage oil.

The biggest benefit I have enjoyed from the Euro Oil has been its ability to lengthen my hair. Several months post-partum, a lot of my hair began to fall out due to hormones and I cut it very short to even it all out once it began to grow. I began to use Euro Oil weekly as a treatment along with Sea Essence Shampoo and the results have been unbelievable. In under a year my hair has grown from a pixie cut to just above my shoulders. The Sea Essence shampoo cleanse the hair and its ingredients promote longer, healthier growth and the Euro Organic Oil restores the natural pH of my scalp.

I can’t say enough good things about Morrocco Method’s products but I must say my absolute favorite product is the Euro Organic Oil because of its many benefits and uses!

-Pema, Florida