My journey with MM products began when I was experiencing dandruff problems. It was not an occasional or seasonal occurrence; it was persistent and long-standing. It was localized to both sides of my ears and I thought that was kind of odd. I started researching “natural” hair shampoos but didn’t move forward with them because they had chemicals and preservatives. I was desperate and found one shampoo that was legitimately free from chemicals and preservatives but was castile-soap based. At this point, I was so consumed with ridding myself of dandruff that I totally neglected the thinning hair and the emergence of a growing prominent widow’s peak. I was so frustrated and on yet another countless day of researching more on “natural hair recipes,” I fell upon the Morrocco Method website. Eureka!

I was so captivated with the ingredient list that I had to try it. It was raw, vegan and gluten- free! So first I emailed them my hair concerns and they promptly replied back with their suggestions. First, I started with the Zen Detox. I really think that was such a key and paramount measure in my overall hair restoration. I started with the detox once or twice a week for a month. I bought the Apple Cider Vinegar, Pine Shale and Sea Essence Shampoos and also bought the Diamond Mist Conditioner. They graciously provided me with a free scalp massager as well. There was a transition period my hair went through for the first 4 months. The shampoos are super-concentrated and so aromatic! I massage my scalp with the scalp massager first before showering. Then, in the shower, I like to divide my hair into sections and pour a nickel-sized amount and then rub it directly onto my scalp and massage it throughout the upper portion of my hair. I let it stay on for about 45-60 seconds because the first wash is purposed for removing external debris accumulation and what not. The second time, I leave it for about 2-3 minutes and then rinse.

Boar Bristle Brush
I have to say, for me, the scalp massager was so vital in bringing my hair back to life (along with the other hair products of course). My hair is so much thicker and longer. I had long hair prior to using MM, but now it is so much more lustrous and healthy. I like to spray the Diamond Mist after a shower when my hair is wet and use my fingers to disperse it throughout. It makes it a lot easier to comb and style and provides for better manageability throughout the day. When I get out of the shower, I don’t comb or brush my hair. I like to do that before a shower and use a boar bristle brush or wide-tooth comb. With maintaining long-hair comes the concern of split ends. The use of the mist conditioner and natural boar bristle brush eradicates the problem for me quite dependably. Overall, I have had great experiences with MM products and I definitely recommend them to everyone!