Testimonial: Why I Switched to MM

I have been using Morrocco Method products since the beginning of 2010. Back in high school, I was desperate for smooth pin-straight hair and did not know how to manage my curls; therefore I resided to Japanese hair straightening. Initially, it worked, but the second time I had it done,... ↗️ Read More!

Testimonal: Amazing Recovery From Chemical Damage

We have new before and after pictures for the week. Joan suffered from severe chemical damage caused by perming like our last before and after picture. She followed The Morrocco Method – shampoos, conditioner, elixirs, brushing & scalp massaging to see results. OH! And the most important part – she... ↗️ Read More!

From Lice to Locks: Spring Cut Contest Winner’s Amazing Story

As we all know, the Spring Equinox is one of the most POWERFUL days to cut your hair for any goal! To celebrate that this year for the Spring Equinox we held a Spring Cut Selfie Contest. Customers were invited to enter a photo of themselves cutting their hair with... ↗️ Read More!

Testimonial: Recovery from Severe Hair Loss Caused by Lupus

This week we are featuring before and after pictures of a real Morrocco Method client who suffered extreme hair loss caused by an autoimmune disease – Lupus. She, like all Morrocco Method clients, followed all of 5 Steps – proper brushing and massaging, alternating shampoos and conditioners, elixirs for scalp... ↗️ Read More!

Testimonal: Before & After Pictures – Male Hair Loss/Alopecia

Below are before and after pictures from a real Morrocco Method Client who switched to Morrocco Method Hair Care after suffering from hair loss also known as alopecia. He saw great results in just a short amount of time. As with all Morrocco Method clients, he stopped using all chemical... ↗️ Read More!

Testimonial: The Amazing Results of MM Hair Care

Below is a client who suffered from hair loss also known as alopeica. In order to get her hair back into tip top condition she followed all steps of the Morrocco Method. Many clients ask if they can just purchase one shampoo or if they can continue using their styling... ↗️ Read More!

Testimonial: Another MM Success Story

When Morris first came to Morrocco Method, he had Hair Loss/Alopecia. After going completely natural with Morrocco Method, Morris was surprised and thrilled with his results. ↗️ Read More!

Testimonal: Before & After Pictures- Hair Recovery from Hair Loss

Hello Everyone,Here are more pictures from an actual Morrocco Method client – take a look at their results! David was suffering from Hair Loss/Alopecia. David competed his transformation by using Morrocco Method’s 100% natural products and ending all use of chemical processes and products. The results are truly amazing.David Thank... ↗️ Read More!

Testimonial: Morrocco Method and Celiac Disease

“I have been using Morrocco Method for some time and am so thankful I found this great company. I‘d been struggling with the negative effects of celiac disease for years and I’m now sure it is a testament to the purity and effectiveness of their wheat and gluten-free products that... ↗️ Read More!

Testimonial: MM Saved My Curly Hair!

“I have been using MM products for 18 months. I am a 41 year old African American woman. Three years ago I decided to stop relaxing my hair. I have always had flaking of the scalp. Often times it would be so flaky I would constantly dust my shoulders off.... ↗️ Read More!

Testimonial: Donna’s Amazing Transformation!

My journey with MM products began when I was experiencing dandruff problems. It was not an occasional or seasonal occurrence; it was persistent and long-standing. It was localized to both sides of my ears and I thought that was kind of odd. I started researching “natural” hair shampoos but didn’t... ↗️ Read More!

Testimonial: Euro Oil is Liquid Gold!

I look at my bottle of Euro Oil and I think, “liquid gold.” Inside the bottle are some of the most delicious and nourishing ingredients for the hair and scalp: Bhringaraj, Neem, Sage, and Lavender—to name a few—in a base of several oils.This incredible blend of ingredients makes this product... ↗️ Read More!