As we all know, the Spring Equinox is one of the most POWERFUL days to cut your hair for any goal! To celebrate that this year for the Spring Equinox we held a Spring Cut Selfie Contest. Customers were invited to enter a photo of themselves cutting their hair with Anthony’s Blunt Snip Cut Method for the Equinox.

We knew when we started this contest that we would get some interesting and hopefully humorous photos of people cutting their hair, and we definitely did! (We loved every one of your entries!) but what none of us expected was to get a story about one woman’s struggle that led to her journey with Morrocco Method products and eventually healthy hair and amazing success!

Our Spring Cut Selfie Grand Winner was Kim Estock and this is her story:

Everything is a gift, even lice

I strive to interpret everything in life as a gift.

When something good happens this is easy to do.

When something seemingly bad, unwanted or inconvenient happens, it’s much more challenging.

When I caught lice I could NOT see it as a gift. I saw it as nerve-wracking,
Freshly Shaved HEad
overwhelming and scary, especially after googling remedies and reading horror stories about people who took months of repeated attempts to get rid of their lice problems once and for all.

I wound up with the nasty little critters after friends, who didn’t realized they’d picked up lice while vacationing on a high-end yacht off the coast of Italy, passed it to me. Did you know the idea that lice are attracted to dirty hair is an incorrect stereotype? The truth is, lice actually love clean hair.

After about a week of trying to remedy the problem with a prescription from my doctor I couldn’t handle the stress of worrying about the situation anymore. One day after my boyfriend left for work I decided that the best thing I could do was shave my head. I used the trimmer we use to shave his beard and took care of it, Britney Spears style!

Immediately afterwards I felt a huge sense of relief, like I had regained control of the situation, even though some sites online say shaving your head is not guaranteed to put an end to lice due to the life cycle of lice, eggs, hatching, etc. In any case, I felt better. Plus, I had been adding highlights and lowlights to my hair for nearly 30 years to maintain the “natural blond” appearance I had as a kid. All of the chemical processing had taken a toll on the health of my hair so I felt glad to have a fresh start.

The next day I still didn’t regret what I’d done, however, it started to sink in that it would take a long time to re-grow my hair. I began researching online how to grow hair, as fast and healthy as possible. That’s when I discovered the Morrocco Method. As soon as I read Anthony’s eBook “Awaken Your Roots” I knew this company had what I needed. I was excited to stock up on shampoos, conditioners and pomade made from the purest ingredients.

Trimming hair
It’s been about a year-and-a-half since I shaved my head. I’ve let my hair grow back naturally without any color or highlights. To my surprise (and to my mom’s!) my natural color is not blond at all. It’s brown! I think it makes my eyes “pop” more and it’s much healthier than it was when I was trying to convince myself, and the world, that I was a blond.

This spring equinox my boyfriend, who’s a carpenter & a ski instructor, cut my hair using the blunt snip method for the first time. I absolutely love it! I said, “Babe, you’re a natural! You are a hair carpenter!” He said, “Yeah, they’re similar, you’re just using tools to create something… scissors, comb and clips instead of a saw, hammer and nails.”

I’m so grateful to Anthony and his entire MM team for creating an amazing line of products. Most of all, I appreciate the way he is empowering people to cut their own hair with such a simple and effective technique. I used to spend $175 for a cut and highlights at the salon, 5 – 6 times a year! By using Anthony’s MM blunt snip method I’ll be saving myself about $1000/year! That’s an awesome “gift” I wasn’t expecting when I first got lice!


Kim Estock, aka Kim E in Aspen

Here are some pictures of Kim before her MM journey, and after:

    Before Morrocco Method                        HEalthy Hair After MM