Morrocco Method 24 7 styling dragon pomade
I have been using Morrocco Method products since the beginning of 2010. Back in high school, I was desperate for smooth pin-straight hair and did not know how to manage my curls; therefore I resided to Japanese hair straightening. Initially, it worked, but the second time I had it done, my ends looked as if they were torched. My hair was fried, so I decided I was going to grow out and attempt to work with my curls again after cutting the straight hair off.

After the “big chop,” my hair’s progress was rocky, because of the trauma my scalp and hair had experienced, Celiac Disease with some other health battles I was fighting, and an inflamed scalp due to an overburdened system. After poking around on Google, Morrocco Method’s website came up; based on the description, the products sounded like a miracle. I was a Celiac and needed to avoid products containing gluten, I was (still am) chemically sensitive with allergies, I had a very inflamed, sensitive scalp, AND I wanted to restore and regrow my dry, damaged hair.

It is very rare that hair care products live up to almost EVERYTHING they promise, and Morrocco Method blew me away. In fact, they exceeded my expectations; my hair grows exponentially faster when using them too, even though my journey towards healthy hair was not always fast or easy! Though I do occasionally see a hairdresser for a blow-out or more precise shaping/style, I take advantage of the holistic MM system; I watch many of the videos, and know Mr. Morrocco’s secret to trimming hair, and though I have certain products I can’t get enough of, I try to rotate some of the products every few days.

Now my hairdresser tells me I have “perfectly healthy hair.” In the past, hairdressers used to plead for me to pay to get the dangerous “Formaldehyde-Free” Keratin treatments and other such processes to “restore” my hair. I take my hat off (quite literally) to Mr. Morrocco for getting to the root cause of hair problems, and GENUINELY improving the well-being of the hair (and the customers), as opposed to concealing hair problems with silicones and plastics that build-up in hair and create further hair & scalp damage in the long run!

I have been blown away by almost all of the Morrocco Method products I
Morrocco Method Agave Mist Styling Spritz Hair spray
have used! However, my two favorite MM products tie with each other on my list. The 24/7 Styling Dragon Pomade is very smoothing regardless of how I want to style my hair; it tames my curls and allows them to be glossy and defined, yet it enables me to blow dry & flat iron my hair straight to achieve a smooth, silky, polished look. The Agave Mist Styling Spritz is extremely nourishing to any cracked or dried ends; it does not merely conceal the dead ends by giving them a temporarily smoothed out appearance, but it heals ends I had been certain were necessary to cut off.

As a result, my hair began making better progress when growing, because fewer inches were cut off with trims. The Agave Mist is wonderful for helping relax and rejuvenate my hair. After a long day, I can spray some into my already dried hair and add luster and banish frizz. The Agave Mist is a lifesaver in both the arid winter and the humid summer (the worst time for my hair). Both the 24/7 Styling Dragon Pomade and the Agave Mist Styling Spritz are extremely moisturizing and conditioning, as well.

-Greer Gartenberg