Bucket of red apples next tp glass pitcher of apple cider vinegar
Dear Morrocco Method,

I had to write and tell you how much I really love the changes I am seeing now that I use your products exclusively to care for my hair and skin and for my family’s hair and skin. To be specific, I cannot use store-brands anymore…I just can’t! When I run out of MM, I supplement with Natural ingredients from around the house like Apple Cider Vinegar rinses or shampooing with Baking Soda. This holds me over until I have my beloved MM in hand. I can no longer stand the smell of chemical shampoos and overly-siliconed conditioners. When my hair is dry, I reach for my favorite Diamond Crystal Mist Spray and I spritz the dry places or I use my Euro Oil to give pure moisture. This keeps my hair looking great and keeps me feeling my best.

Since switching to Morrocco Method and using the Lunar Hair Chart to maximize my hair cuts and hair removal, I am more confident than ever in how I look and feel. I perform a blunt snip cut instead of those fancy hair cutting methods and I use Red Henna to cover my budding grays and keep my color looking vibrant.

Thank you so much for making this exemplary line of Shampoos and Conditioners which have started me on an amazing journey to living my best life ever!

Lots of love to you,

Contributing Blogger, AngelMarie VanGyzen