Morrocco Volumizer Mist

I am overwhelmed with gratitude for the quality and performance of your products! Specifically, your Diamond Crystal Mist Conditioner and Moisturizer, and your Sapphire Volumizer Mist Conditioner and Moisturizer. I am still experimenting with how many sprays to give my hair after cleansing, but I am amazed at the quick comb through ease and the texture and feel after drying. I have looked for a high quality product for about two years now that I would be willing to put on my hair, and I’m glad I waited for Kevin Trudeau’s review and endorsement of your products, and most importantly, their ingredients.

I began making my own cold process soap about 2 years ago, and hence began my personal journey towards claiming a cleansing option without the chemicals, toxins and poisons permeating the commercial products today, and controlling the moisturizing properties of my own product for cleansing, but I didn’t have the interest or the time to delve into creating my own hair conditioning product. Hence my appreciation of yours. I use my personal creation of cold process soap on my hair and my skin, and now your product on my hair. I love your quality!
Trial Travel Set of 6 Conditioners

I am purchasing your Trial-Travel Set of 6 Conditioners to give away to members of my family: my daughter, my step daughter and my brother. I need to spread the word about the quality of your products. You are amazing!

Gratefully yours,
Diane Zirger