One of the most important things to keep in mind about the Lunar Hair Chart is that it is designed with hair in mind. Anthony formulates the calendar based on the best lunar days for hair, which means sometimes according to Astrology or other charts the days listed as a full moon or solstice/equinox don’t match.

Don’t worry this doesn’t mean your Astrology chart or the Lunar Calendar are wrong, it just means they have different goals in mind! The Lunar Hair Chart is a tool to help you find the best lunar days for your hair goals.

Well who better to explain the Lunar Hair Chart than the Master Hair Shaman himself. Check out these videos in which Anthony Morrocco explains his one of a kind Lunar Hair Chart for Cutting!

Lunar Hair Chart Explained:

After you got your first cut in Spring Equinox for people with longer hair we recommend waiting till Summer Solstice for your next cut. If you have short hair and like to keep it that way check out the lunar hair chart for a good day to cut your hair in between.

Remember that the full moon is a particularly powerful cutting day. Don’t forget to keep your hair goal in mind. Keep up the good work!