As a first time user navigating the Lunar Hair Chart can be tough. Luckily MM is here to help!

We’ve included the answers to some frequently asked questions to help you get started with your lunar hair goals.

What’s the difference between each cutting goal?

Root Work – Cutting on a root work day shocks the entire growth cycle and reinvigorates hair at the follicle and scalp level. Much like the enriched soil of a plant, a healthy scalp provides a good foundation for naturally healthy hair.

Beautify – This lunar cutting goal is for those seeking enhance and refine the waviness of your hair. Beautify is best way to add texture and shine to already healthy hair.

Strengthen – Strengthen is a popular goal for those wanting to avoid premature hair fall. Cutting your hair on these dates reinforces roots, follicles, and bulbs of your hair, producing stronger, more resilient hair.

Thicken – Want fuller hair? The thicken goal promotes new growth cycles in the bulbs and hair follicles, thereby increasing your total follicle count.

Lengthen – Cut or trim on these dates shocks and excites your hair’s natural growth patterns, causing your hair to grow much faster over the following days.

Can I mix cutting goals?

Yes! Many people find that there are two lunar goals they wish to pursue. Switching between cutting goals from month to month will balance your results between the two. Some people may prefer having one main goal and also a secondary goal that they follow every third month. We do not recommend, however, cutting your hair multiple times in one month as you may be cutting away the results of your new, healthy hair!

I have hair loss, which lunar hair chart goal is best for me?

Men and women according to the lunar hair chart should get their hair cut on different days. Women should cut hair seasonally, preferably on solstices and equinoxes. This should cover all the hair goals at least once. For men it should be every 4-6 weeks but with hair loss it’s best to start with your base. This means, root-work, thickening, or strengthening days are good for you.

Is it better to cut my hair on a full moon or a equinox/solstice?

Moon Goddess
Equinoxes and solstices only come once a season making them rare and powerful states in the lunar cycle. This make them the best choice if possible for your hair goals. If not a full moon is always more powerful than just a regular lunar day.

Is there a specific way I should be cutting my hair?

Yes. The blunt-snip method of cutting hair works best to shock and stimulate your hair growth. Be sure to check out our extensive guide on how to cut your own hair using this method.

When should I use the Lunar Hair Chart products?

Each lunar hair goal has products that correspond to it. Ideally these products should be used on days surrounding your lunar hair cut and the goal that matches it. You can also used these products on any lunar day that matches your lunar goal.

What products should I use on non-lunar days?

On days that don’t match your lunar goals you should use all Morrocco Method products as advised on our website. This means rotating between the five elements shampoos and conditioners for day-day use.

What happens if I cut my hair on a non-lunar day?

Usually non-lunar days retard hair growth. These are good for shaving/waxing but not if you’re trying to grow healthy hair. Don’t panic too much you can recover, just remember to cut your hair on a lunar day next time.

Got any more lunar questions? Feel free to drop us a comment and we’ll try to answer you ASAP.