Thicken: Earth Shampoo & Floating Lotus Conditioner


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The Lunar Thickening Package stimulates the hair bulb and activates the growth cycle. Containing the Earth Essence Shampoo, which detoxifies the hair and scalp, and a choice of conditioner, this package is designed to be used with the Lunar Chart for Hair Cutting in order to optimize your THICKEN hair goal.

Used in conjunction with the Lunar Chart for Hair Cutting, this package will promote fuller, more luxurious hair.

Add Blunt Snip Haircutting Kit +$39.00


1. How Often Should I Rotate The Shampoos?
2. How Much Shampoo/Conditioner Do I Need To Wash My Hair?
3. Why Should I Deep Condition My Natural Curly Hair?
4. Why Do I Need To Shampoo Twice?
5. Should The Shampoos Be Rotated In The Same Way As The Normal MM Shampoos?
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