I have acne and want to know if your products are good for clearing up skin inflammations?

Yes! Earth Essence and Sea Essence Shampoos are excellent facial washes and exfoliants. Being a true natural and pure shampoo they can be used replacing all soaps and body washes.

Which surfactants are good for facial wash/scrubs?

All of our shampoos are excellent for everyone to use from basic facial scrubs to daily washing. As the shampoos are gentle yet excellent with many rare trace minerals – high quality earth clays and sea life. One needs to use warm water lather up and scrub the surface of the skin … these deep penetrating herbs, botanicals, rare trace minerals and high quality natural ingredients have a healing and pure cleansing quality. While deep penetration is reached one will not have natural bacteria destroyed which is so essential in daily safe guarding of one’s immune system. Harsh products kill off natural bacteria and cause flare ups and damage to ones delicate cell life.

Are any of these shampoos good for pets?

Yes, we have clients all over the world who shampoo their pets and animals with all 5 shampoos; however, we also have a shampoo specifically for pets! While many products claim to be natural and pure for animals, it is quite amazing how many chemicals are in your pets’ cleansing agents. Please read labels. SLS is dominant in almost all pet cleansers. We have testimonials from across the globe from many happy customers just like you, using our shampoos on their horses, dogs, cats, and other animals.

Are your shampoos color-safe?

All our Morrocco Method products are color-safe — all our shampoos and conditioners, styling gel, and our detoxifying scalp and hair therapy!

Which shampoos are good to remove make-up?

We get e-mail from women all over the world who use the Sea Essence and Earth Essence Shampoos for removing make-up and exfoliants. Both of these shampoos work wonders on the skin leaving you radiant!

Which shampoos are good for general hand wash?

All five shampoos are excellent for daily hand washing and will not dry nor wrinkle skin. Alternate and see how gentle natural soaps really are on one’s hands.

What is the difference between shale and tar?

Coal tar is a petroleum product and very damaging to one’s all around good health not to be used on the body, while shale is a rich natural deposit of decomposed trees. Millions of years ago, large forests of ferns and evergreens decomposed and formed large reservoirs underneath the earth surface of very rich shale. We get our shale from Germany in a natural state which is rich in various rare trace minerals. These trace minerals are healing in varying degrees for the scalp and hair alike. This is a cure all for a multitude of scalp problems, plus a general radiant effect on the hair itself giving it new life force and brilliance. There is no comparison between tar and shale. And one should avoid all products with tar/coal tar in its ingredients.