Representing the element of air, this shampoo uses the large reservoirs of rich shale oil (created from the decomposition of large forests of ferns and evergreens millions of years ago) to thoroughly nourish, calm, and heal the hair and scalp. As our most restorative shampoo, it is particularly beneficial for people with dandruff, itchy scalps, and inflammation, but it can also be used as a soothing face and body wash for anyone with oily or irritated skin.

Our Pine Shale Shampoo aids in all aspects of healing the hair and scalp which promotes healthier growth, but for an additional hair lengthening bonus use this shampoo in conjunction with the lunar calendar on days when the air element is most prominent.

*For best results, we recommend diluting our shampoos, washing twice, and rotating with our other four shampoos to achieve healthy and balanced hair.