Winter Solstice is a time of reflections, rebirths, and rituals. During the Winter Solstice, our Earth takes a new direction. Could this be the start of a new direction for your hair?

The Winter Solstice always takes place toward the end of December. The solstice marks the shortest day and the longest night of the year, and according to the lunar hair chart, this transition period is both a spiritually and scientifically powerful time to care for your hair.


So, what does the word "solstice" mean?

The solstice comes from the Latin words, “sol” and “sistere” and means sun standing still. On this day the sun appears at the lowest point in the sky that it will be all year. Then, its reversal marks a new cycle of rebirth as we head into Spring and return to sun-filled days.


The History of the Lunar Hair Chart

The solstice is a powerful time to take a look at the lunar hair chart and how this time of year can help you create your best hair.

The Morrocco Method Lunar Hair Chart is based on the Farmer’s Almanac, Western Astrology, and the Mayan Calendar.

Anthony Morrocco, the Hair Shaman, was credited in the Farmer's Almanac as the global leader in annual Lunar Chart Dates.

The Farmer’s Almanac teaches us how early men utilized the sun to track the days by observing its positioning. For example, did you know that if you check your shadow at noon on the Winter Solstice it will be the longest shadow of the year?!

Most of us are aware of Western Astrology. We know that the positioning of the moon, sun, and planets when each of us was born have an effect on how our terrestrial life is influenced.

For example, someone that is born in February – an Aquarius – may have a very strong confident will, whereas someone born in January – a Capricorn – may be more self-aware and observant. The belief that the moon, stars, sun, and planets play a role in our human existence goes back to ancient times as does the lunar hair chart. And, similar to astrology, it is a way we can reconnect with our ancient lineage and uniqueness.

Just as the celestial bodies have an effect on our persona they also have an effect on our hair. We can apply similar principles of astrology and it’s cyclic nature to our hair. If we pay attention we can align with the moon to create radiant beauty by harnessing the cycles of growth, strength, thickening.


lunar chart december 2019

“Our ancestors learned over centuries that planting on moon cycles optimizes the growth of both plants and human hair dramatically.” – Anthony Morrocco (Founder of Morrocco Method)

The founder of the Morrocco Method, Anthony Morrocco, explains the lunar chart best in this video.

In the 50 plus years, he has dedicated to this work, Anthony found rare secrets. Some insights came from Shamans who explained the sacredness of hair and how powerful the practice of self-care rituals on specific days of each month are when combined with the Lunar Calendar. On some dates, it was believed best to refrain from cutting your hair while not cutting it on others could actually slow the growth of the hair.

Hair traditions date back to many ancient texts, even the Bible! The story of Samson and Delilah is a great example. In the scripture, Samson’s strength was due to his long, radiant mane of hair. When Delilah arranged for him to have it cut, it made him weak and was the last cut he would ever have.

Examples of the power of lunar hair care don’t have to be be a distant memory. You, too, can engage with this energy and harness it for yourself. The lunar hair chart is a perfect way to connect with those ancient traditions who knew the secret to luxurious hair and begin a Morrocco Method journey toward luxurious hair this winter.


Ready for a change?

So, with the solstice in mind, perhaps you are ready for a hair transformation. You’ve decided it is time for you to make a change and begin an all-natural approach to your hair goals.

Here at Morrocco Method, we applaud your decision. We invite you to allow this Winter Solstice to be the first of your adventures into the lunar hair chart and the start of a long line of hair care rituals.


Why is it important to cut your hair on the Winter Solstice?

Your Winter Solstice hair cut  will help bring more resilience to the hair follicle, bulbs and roots which will strengthen the growth pattern.

The power is due in part to the blunt snip method. Following the blunt snip cut on the Winter Solstice gives your hair the ultimate foundation for the rebirth of luxurious hair. This is because the blunt snip cut technique is the most straightforward approach to cutting and is one that does not fray or thins the ends out.

The cut creates an opening for your hair to thrive. Start the year with with a great foundation for your goals.

As you move forward and think about your hair goals for the year we suggest combining a couple of them. Once you’ve determined what goals you have chosen, follow the lunar hair calendar to decide which days to cut. For example, combining lengthening and strengthening can make for a powerful combination.

This combination of a blunt snip cut and harnessing the solstice gives your hair the greatest opportunity to revitalize itself as you leave winter and help it grow resilient and healthy into the upcoming year.

This Winter Solstice we hope you will take some time for yourself and give yourself the gift of this self-care routine so that your hair will thrive this winter season and bring you healthy, luxurious locks this new year.

“There is a moon inside every human being. Learn to be companions with it.” ~ Hafiz