Venus – Our Best Beauty Friend

Venus typically stays in one sign for about a month or two. This coming week Venus will be retrograde from March 4th until April 15th, in the signs of Aries and Pisces. This happens every 18 months. You all know about Mercury retrograde and have learned that communication needs to be especially clear and that anything having to do with computers, technology, or travel benefits from having a plan B.

When Venus goes retrograde we are asked to reevaluate our friendships, our self-esteem, self-confidence, and our expression of beauty and appearance. It is not about ending friendships because they are less than perfect or about radically throwing out anything which seems to no longer resonate with us. This serves us to become clear on what is most important to us and then implement changes when Venus goes direct again.

Venus is in Aries right now and that amplifies a fiery, active, possibly aggressive, and assertive side. Again, be careful to not say or do anything out of impatience, which you will regret later. A Venus in Aries has either short hair like an Amazon or wild warrior hair. It is most important for her to be able to move quickly and not be tied down by anything.

If you are thinking of changing your appearance dramatically, for example: shaving or cutting your hair really short on Spring Equinox, you still can, but think about it twice. When Venus retrogrades into Pisces, you might miss your long flowing hair.

Venus in Aries loves red; also, red hair. If you ever wanted to experience red hair, dare yourself to expand your color palette and explore the red shades of natural henna coloring. Do a strand test and then go for it.

And if red hair is not for you, find your red in a piece of clothing or lipstick
Venus in Aries has a lot of energy and what is a better beauty booster than to exercise and increase blood circulation to skin and hair.

When I go shopping and look for special clothing I always ask the goddess of beauty, Venus, to guide me. One thing is sure, this time around it will be fast and, just in case, I will keep the receipt.