The Lunar Hair Chart is an ancient technique of using the moon’s cycles to determine the best days to cut your hair based on your specific hair goals. Similar to how humans have followed the moon’s cycles to determine when to plant and harvest crops for centuries
Full Moon over water

Lunar Cutting Goals

There are differences between each cutting goal.

Want a better foundation for naturally healthy hair? Root Work helps detoxify the hair and scalp. Cutting on a root work day shocks the entire growth cycle and reinvigorates hair at the follicle and scalp level.

Trying to avoid premature hair fall? Strengthening and Root Work helps to reinforce roots, follicles, and bulbs of your hair producing stronger, more resilient hair.

Want fuller hair? Thickening promotes new growth cycles in the bulbs and hair follicles, thereby increasing your hair density. All individual hair shafts together will create more volume.

Searching for longer locks? Lengthening excites your hair’s natural growth patterns, causing your hair to grow much faster. Cutting your hair on a lengthening lunar day is ideal for pruning the hair shafts.

Looking for the best way to add texture and shine? Beautify helps to enhance and refine the waviness of your hair.

Best Dates to Cut Hair

To ensure that you are cutting on the correct days you can check out our 2017 Lunar Hair Chart here. Cutting your hair on that specified date will help to spring board your hair toward your specific lunar hair cutting goal. We recommend beautify as your hair goal once you have already achieved healthy hair.

Changes to the 2017 Lunar Hair Chart

You may have noticed a few changes to the 2017 Lunar Hair Chart. There are a few less days per month considering the different US time zones, and assuming most people would cut their hair between 8 am and 8 PM. Upon deeper insights from Mayan and Western Astrology we reassigned the element Fire to represent Strengthening and the element Water representing Root Work.

Lunar chart april 2017

Fire = Strengthening

Water = Root Work

Air = Lengthening

Earth = Thicken

Ether = Beautify

This may affect the corresponding Morrocco Method Int’l products you use to enhance your cutting goals. Although we recommend you rotate all 5 shampoos for best results.