It’s no secret that people have been fascinated by the power of the moon since ancient civilization began. Just like the moon effects the earth’s behavior, it also effects the behavior of our bodies; including our hair. Have you ever wanted to know the answer to timing your hair cuts to boost length, strength, thickness, root work, or beauty? Read about The Lunar Hair Chart below, and find out about the best time to maximize your hair cutting results, especially during the peak of the full moon.

The Lunar Hair Chart Explained

The Lunar Hair Chart is a guide to the method of cutting one’s hair in conjunction with phases of the moon. Even thousands of years ago, humans were using the science of the lunar cycle to predict the changing of seasons for farming. It’s also been proven that the lunar cycle has major effects on the movement of tides. With our bodies being made up of nearly 80% water, it only makes sense that the moon’s phases would have significant effects on our bodies, too. That’s why so many believe the lunar cycle can be utilized as a powerful tool when it comes to cutting hair, especially during a full moon.

As the moon’s energy moves to its pinnacle of power, astrologists and followers alike believe this cycle also magnifies our body and hair’s strength. That’s why our Hair Shaman, Anthony Morrocco, created The Lunar Hair Chart: so that we could easily figure out when to harness the energy of the lunar cycle to increase our hair cutting results. Whether your goal is to thicken, lengthen, beautify, strengthen, or focus on root work; using The Lunar Hair Chart as a guide will allow you to pick the perfect time to magnify the outcome of your hair cutting goal.

The Power of July’s Blue Moon

It’s no coincidence that there’s something about a full moon which makes for a particularly interesting night. When the moon is full, it symbolizes the height of power and illumination in the lunar cycle, which is why cutting hair for growth during a full moon makes for the best results. So, what makes this month extra special for hair cutting with The Lunar Chart? For the first time since 2012, this July will bring us a Blue Moon, which is a second full moon in the period of one calendar month.

Lunar chart july2015
What makes this even more beneficial, when it comes to cutting for hair growth, is that this Blue Moon occurs during the dates of the Leo, which is the sign of the lion in the Zodiac. Just like a lion is born with a full and lush mane, Leos are known for being endowed with some of the thickest and prettiest locks in the astrological calendar.

Cutting with The Lunar Hair Chart

Want to harness the power of the lunar cycle for your best hair cut? For ideal hair growth results this July, schedule a cut during one of this month’s two full moons. Always insist upon a blunt snip cut on wet hair from your stylist, or check out our tutorial for how to give yourself this type of trim at home. Though every astrological sign can benefit from cutting during the full moon for growth, Leos in particular will want to take advantage of this July’s exceptional lunar power. Especially since this kind timing for the Lions of the Zodiac only comes around “every once in a blue moon.”