*Note: This post was written in 2014 and may not be up to date with regard to dates. However, the information on the equinox is still correct. Please refer to the Lunar Chart for correct cutting dates and goals.

We previously discussed how to cut hair to beautify, lengthen, thicken and improve root health. But this year’s fall equinox gives us the perfect opportunity to discuss the fifth lunar cutting goal: strengthening.

Not sure what all this lunar hair cutting talk is about? Click here for an intro!

The Fall Equinox

If you’re a follower of our Lunar Hair Chart, then you’re probably aware of the upcoming Fall Equinox. The Lunar Hair Chart prescribes cutting your hair at least four times a year to maintain hair and scalp health, and the Fall Equinox (September 21, 22, 23rd) is the perfect time to do so, as it is the ideal date to cut for strengthening. The equinoxes and solstices are powerful times, both scientifically and spiritually. Your hair responds to certain cycles of the moon when cut, and during these powerful times, your hair receives the maximum benefit of the lunar cutting goals.
Woman with long blonde hair

Why Cut for Strengthening?

Healthy hair is much more than just appearances; hair can look good on the outside but be weak and damaged at the follicle level. Strengthening is an important lunar cutting goal for those wanting add resilience to their hair and avoid premature hair fall. Cutting your hair on these dates reinforces roots, follicles, and the bulbs of your hair. This is especially important for new hairs, which will actually grow in with stronger roots and bulbs. Strengthening is recommended for those with fine, thin or unmanageable hair.

The Blunt Snip Cut

To take full advantage of the Fall Equinox, cut your hair using the blunt snip cut. The best thing about the blunt snip cut is that you can do it yourself! For tips and tricks on blunt snipping your own hair, take a look at our blog post, “How to Cut Your Own Hair: Blunt Snip.”