Similar to how humans have followed the moon’s cycles to determine when to plant and harvest crops for centuries, the Lunar Hair Chart coordinates the moon cycle, equinoxes and solstices, the Farmer's Almanac, Western Astrology, and the Mayan Calendar to show you the best times to cut your hair based on your specific hair goals. This is called Lunar Hair Care.

Not sure what all this lunar hair cutting talk is about? Click here for an intro!

Why Cut to Beautify?

Woman with brown hair

Maybe you’re thinking, “Of course I want beautiful hair. That’s why I’m here.”

It’s important to understand what exactly we mean when we refer to the lunar goal of beautifying. “Beautiful” can be widely interpreted, but when it comes to lunar cutting, we’re talking about balanced texture, enhanced shine and an overall improvement in the look and feel of the hair. The beautify goal is by no means a quick-fix; it is ideal for those that have already achieved healthy hair and scalp and want to take their hair to the next level.

Just as April showers bring May flowers, healthy hair lays the foundation for beautiful hair. It may not be time to focus on beautifying if you haven’t addressed the basic needs of your body and hair. That being said, if you’re ready to beautify, then by all means, beautify!

OK, I’m Ready to Beautify!


If you are committed to this goal, check out our Lunar Beautify Package, which includes our Heavenly Essence Shampoo and our Pearl Essence Crème Rinse. We designed this package to help optimize your lunar cut. The Heavenly Essence Shampoo energizes and conditions the hair and scalp, providing shine and luster, and our Pearl Essence Crème Rinse conditions the hair while adding volume and essential moisturizing agents.


Some Thoughts on “Beautiful” from the MM Team

"To me beautiful means: healthy, happy, balanced, alive." - Samantha

"To me someone is most beautiful when they are talking about or doing something they love! When they're fully engaged and you can see them light up." - Sophia

"Beauty to me is both inside and out, confidence, and health." - Alesa